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This is how many views your video got from people clicking on your video from the "Browse Features" section of YouTube.


This is probably the main stat most creators focus on. This category is mostly views from the homepage of YouTube. This is pretty much the most "personalized" form of views - this is YouTube saying "I think you'll like this video". As this stat goes up, YouTube is pushing your video to different audiences. This will cause other stats, like CTR and AVD to go down. But this is pretty much your north star - if this stat is going up, it's a good sign.


This category isn't just the homepage of YouTube. It's also the "Subscriptions" Feed, the "Trending/Explore" page, "Watch History", "Watch Later", and "Personalized Playlists". You can dig deeper into these stats in YouTube Studio's advanced page, in the "Traffic Source" tab. Click on "Browse Features" in the table towards the bottom to dig in.


This is probably your big stat. Most things build up to this.

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