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This is how many views your video got from people searching for something on YouTube, and clicking on your video.


This is a very particular stat. If you're making a video that you want to rank for a particular search term, this is a good stat to look at. This is common for "How To" and tutorial videos. If you're not trying to rank for a particular search term, this stat is not really important.


There is one EXTREMELY important thing to note about this stat. If you change the title of a video, YouTube will "Re-index" the video. This can cause the video to lose some of its search ranking. If your video currently ranks for a particular search term, and you change the title, you might start losing those views. This is why it's important to be very careful when changing the title of a video.


This is a good stat for certain types of videos, especially evergreen "How To" type videos. EX: "How to tie a tie" could be a 10 year old video, but show up first on search and continue getting tons of views forever. It really depends on your type of content.

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