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3. About Thumbnail Test
3. About Thumbnail Test

Answers for all questions on how Thumbnail Test works.

Who made this?
Why did you make this?
Can’t you do this in YouTube already?
How does it work?
How do I make a new test?
Is this completely automatic?
Can this get my channel in trouble?
What can I expect from this tool?
How safe is this?
How much do I have to do?
What data do you collect?
How many videos can I test?
How do I see my current tests?
How to add/remove channels for a team
How do I stop/delete/cancel a test?
Can I run both thumbnail and title tests at the same time?
How many thumbnails can I upload?
Do I get notifications/updates on test results?
How different should my thumbnails be?
How do you know which thumbnail/title is best?
Will this work for YouTube Shorts?
How do you account for mostly my subscribers watching on the first few hours/days?
What is the “Control Group” in these experiments?
Am I giving you access to my YouTube channel?
How many titles can I put in?
How many tests can I run at the same time?
How soon can I know which thumbnail is best?
How do you know what my CTR/AVD is?
I just uploaded the video privately, how long does it take to show up on thumbnailtest?
How many views should I have before signing up for this tool?
How to Add Missing Videos
How do I see my old tests?
Can I upload my analytics file even if it's another language?
I don't see my channel listed when trying to add it to Thumbnail Test
How soon after uploading a video can I start my test?
Can I edit a title after a test has started?
What do the different test formats mean?
Why does my test say "Data Available in Two Days"?
Can I manually schedule when thumbnails switch?
How long can a test be?
What’s the minimum test length?
How do you know if a YouTube Thumbnail is good?
What does the size of the thumbnail have to be?
Do you have an affiliate program?